Chicken With Vermouth, Tarragon And Cream [Nigel Slater Project #30]

IMG_8936-2Cream, cream, cream…Mr. Slater, you are truly fattening me up! Not that I’m complaining of course, I chose to do this project and I hope you’re happy, for making my stomach happy. The combination of tarragon, chicken and cream is one of those things that make you feel better about the world. Paired with some crusty bread, or some hot basmati rice and this dish will leave you feeling comforted and satisfied. That’s the thing about these cold months, all you  I want to do is eat lots of carbs and creamy dinners. But remember to exercise kids, or those extra pounds will creep up on you like no tomorrow. I’m telling you this because I urge you all to not feel guilty about eating these glorious indulgent type meals, just remember to balance it all out and really enjoy a sensible portion of food without going crazy. (She say’s after living off mac’n’cheese for two days.

For this recipe I was in need of some alcohol (surprise, surprise). Cooking with alcohol, especially wine really adds a depth to the flavour, plus you feel like you’re a proper adult who is actually cooking which in turn makes you create you’re very own cookery show in your very own kitchen. Don’t worry, you’re not mad. Anyway… it was time to bring out the Vermouth. Noilly Prat Vermouth wine is, according to Mr Rick Stein, the best type of wine that goes into making sauces, and you can totally taste the difference, especially in this dish.

Interesting fact time! Noilly Prat was the name given by T.S Elliot to his pet cat. Thanks Wiki!

Shall we?


Just a small glass of Vermouth is needed!


And now you can keep the rest for christmas!

IMG_8920-3Tarragon & Chicken are soulmates, take in it’s aroma!

Serves 4 (serve with crusty bread or steamed basmati rice)

- 8 free range chicken pieces, thighs or drumsticks

- 75g butter

-150ml dry vermouth

- 2 tbsp tarragon vinegar (if you have none, marinade some white wine vinegar with tarragon leaves)

- 300ml double cream

- 2 heaped tbsp chopped tarragon leaves

- a squeeze of lemon juice

Heat a shallow frying pan on a medium/high heat and melt the butter in the pan. Season the chicken pieces with some salt & pepper and lightly brown the chicken pieces on each side, do this in batches. Lift out the chicken when browned. Pour off all but a tablespoon of butter, add the vermouth and tarragon vinegar and bring to the boil, scraping away at any sticky bits and stirring it into the vermouth.

Once the liquid has reduced a little, pour in the cream and add the tarragon leaves. Return the chicken to the pan and simmer gently for about fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally. If the sauce thickens too much, add a little more vermouth.

Check the chicken is cooked through, taste for seasoning, add a squeeze of lemon juice and serve.


4 thoughts on “Chicken With Vermouth, Tarragon And Cream [Nigel Slater Project #30]

      • Hi The Petit Kitchen, I have made this many times and adore the combination of chicken, tarragon and cream. I’m planning a romantic dinner for my OH and was delighted when I did a search for inspiration and found your recipe. Thanks :-)

      • Hi there :) Yes you can’t go wrong with chicken, cream and tarragon, pretty much made for each other! Sorry to sound ignorant here but what’s OH stand for?? The recipe is from the lovely Mr Nigel Slater whose combinations of flavours always work without fail :)

        OTHER HALF!! Just got it :P Keep coming back to the website, it means alot to me to keep inspiring people to cook!

        See you later alligator!

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